Simply put, we love the game…

A love born out of admiration, admiration not only for the game itself but those who play it. Those who can command calm in the face of adversity, patience in face of frustration and repetition in the quest for perfection.

In July 2020 we set out on a journey that was years in the making, a journey that thousands of you across the world have already joined us on. One that takes sports biggest quandary that is Golf, with its myriad of traditions and respectfully challenges them.

Golf is a feeling. A beautiful chaos where the physical and mental battle to co-exist, where a million thoughts and emotions must work in harmony to crescendo into one swing of the club. This cohesion is never more present than in the way one looks and subsequently feels when stepping out onto course.

The time has come, and the gauntlet has been thrown down - Its time to challenge the aesthetic of the modern golfer.

Using the values that we love about the game dedication; craftsmanship and the pursuit of lofty accomplishment KRUX seeks a more inclusive game where modern styling meets tradition and formality as unapologetically as the club strikes the ball but as seamlessly as that same club becomes and extension of the arm.

The contemporary golfer is a mindset, one of devotion. A devotion that comes from an innate drive that is achieved through hard earned confidence. The same initiate confidence that comes from looking and feeling good. That is why we exist. A clothing brand that is bringing modern, never seen before styling to the game…. a never felt before feeling to the game.

Why do we do this? Simply put, we love the game.

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